Services Regarding Patents

In over twenty years of patent law experience, I have developed a sophisticated practice focused on the creation of commercial value, including:

  • Clearance searches;

  • Drafting & prosecuting the U.S and foreign patent applications in technologies including chemistry, metallurgy, mechanical systems, optical systems, telecommunications, business methods, and software;

  • Licensing transactions;

  • Due diligence assessments of Intellectual Property portfolios including those in support of the $15B acquisition of Organon Biosciences from Akzo and the $43B merger of Schering-Plough with Merck;

  • Opinions regarding patentability, freedom-to-operate, infringement, and validity;

  • Cease-and-Desist letters and dispute resolution;

  • Patent litigation, including a case brought before the International Trade Commission regarding motorized personal watercraft, a case on hydrocarbon processing, and support of ANDA litigations, including those on CLARINEX®, ZETIA®, TEMODAR®, and NOXAFIL®;

  • Maintaining competitive intelligence in key areas of interest;

  • Counseling scientific, commercial, and regulatory clients on patent-related matters;

  • Addressing legal matters associated with the above, including supply agreements, employment agreements, and other contractual matters;

  • Intellectual Property portfolio management making determinations to safeguard the most valuable and abandon the less valuable IP assets; and,

  • Maintenance of budgets for worldwide patent prosecution.

I hold BS and MS degrees in Chemical Engineering and have 25 years of industry experience in pharmaceuticals, hydrocarbon processing, fluoropolymers, avionics, and jet engines.

Papers Delivered:

“KABOOM! Recent Misadventures in the Patent World,” delivered at the 2018 National Meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, New Orleans, La.

“Aqualung Inferred: Inequitable Conduct in Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. v Merus N.V.” delivered at the 2019 National Meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Orlando, Fl.

Gerard E. Reinhardt

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