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Enforce your valuable Intellectual Property rights against infringers.  I will investigate your position, and use all legal tools available to obtain the best settlement or a judgment.  If necessary, I will litigate your case in state or federal courts to obtain the appropriate remedies.

Copyright Enforcement
Is your creative work being used without your authorization?  Retain me to assert your valuable copyrights, to restrain continued infringement, to seek payment for past use and/or to license future use.  Copyrights extend to a variety of forms of creative expression including:

  • Music
  • Literary works – Screenplays, novels, poems, etc.
  • Art
  • Photographs
  • Sculpture
  • Fashion
  • Furniture
  • Technical drawings
  • Film
  • Architectural plans

Patent Enforcement
Are the claims in your patent application or granted patent being infringed by a third party?  Let me use my extensive experience in patent law and technology to vigorously assert your patent rights, and seek royalty payments if desired.  If further resources are required, I can marshal them.

Trademark Enforcement
Is someone using your trademark without your permission?  Are they using your trademark to drive traffic away from your business to their own?  Is their use “diluting” the value of your mark?  Don’t allow it.

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